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Visiting the Phoenix Motor Company in the 1940s

I feel like buying a car in 1940s Phoenix. Let's go to the Phoenix Motor Company, which is at 4th Avenue and Van Buren. Since this is an imaginary purchase, let's imagine that we have lots of money! You can get whatever you want!

I think I'll get a Chevrolet. My Uncle Bob always drove Chevrolets, and he was a pretty smart guy! What? Oh sure, you can get a Buick. They're a little too flashy for my tastes, but I'm sure that we can find one that would be perfect for you.

Here we are. Yes, it's just north of the Presbyterian Church. That reminds me, I really should go to church more often! So, what do you want? A convertible? Remember that price is no object - this is an imaginary story, and we have plenty of imaginary money!

Window of the Phoenix Motor Company in the 1940s, 401 W. Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona.

Let's take a look in the window. Say, that's a dandy right there! I like that slogan "The longest of the lot!" Wait 'til everyone sees me in this! Let's go right on in!

The showroom of the Phoenix Motor Company in 1940, Phoenix, Arizona.

Used Car Lot at the Phoenix Motor Company in the 1940s, 5th Avenue and Van Buren.

Oh sorry, looks like they won't accept my imaginary money. Maybe we should look at some used cars? It's right next door, let's walk over there. Can you lend me a few bucks?

Image at the top of this post: The Phoenix Motor Company in the 1940s, 401 W. Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona. Restored in 2017 as the Van Buren, a music venue. Photos from the McCulloch Brothers Photography Collection at ASU.

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