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Buying a new Nash car in old-time Phoenix

Let's time-travel back to Miller Brothers Motors in 1941, which was at 6th Avenue and Washington, in Phoenix. I'm going to buy a new car! A Nash!

I've been listening to you, and you've convinced me, I need to change to Nash. My old Pope-Toledo was never that reliable! I see that you're already waiting for me in the showroom, sitting there in the window, I recognize your white hat.

Why yes, I did get all dressed up for this. That's the cowboy hat that I got at the rodeo last year, and I'm so proud of my cowboy boots that I tucked my pants into them. How do you like my bandana? I'm a real cowboy, ain't I?

Now before I buy here, I want to go take a look at the repair department. I'd imagine I'd be needing a lot of repairs - you've seen my driving! It looks like they do good work here! I'm convinced.

Let's see, I like the green one there in the showroom. Seems like they're more expensive than I had thought, though. Can you lend me $2,000?

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