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Camelback Chocolates in old-time Phoenix

I feel like having some chocolate. Let's go back to 1921 and get some Camelback Chocolates from Donofrio's. I know that the ad says, "Her Favorite Always", but we rough, tough men like them, too!

Since it's 1921, Donofrio's is in the Ellingson Building, which is 21 East Washington. Or, as the locals would say, on "Cactus Way". Cactus Way was never an official Phoenix street, it was a north-south alley between Jefferson and Washington and Central and 1st Street. But let's get back to the chocolates!

Personally, I've never really cared for their Cactus Candy. You can get some if you want to, that just means more chocolate for me! By the way, in case you're not familiar with Phoenix, Camelback Mountain is the most famous mountain in town. And the most delicious chocolate! Why yes, I did eat the whole box! Can you get us another one?

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