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Going to 5 Points Tailors and Cleaners in old-time Phoenix

You look terrible. When is the last time you had your suit cleaned and pressed? And besides, it really doesn't fit you at all. Me? Yeah, well I guess you're right. We both need to go to 5 Points Tailors and Cleaners. It's the 1940s, so we want to look sharp enough so that the women aren't just looking at the servicemen in their uniforms. Let's go.

You know where 5 Points is! It's where 7th Avenue, Van Buren, and Grand all intersect. I've seen 5 Points Tailors and Cleaners, when I was eating some Chop Suey. You know, right down from Joe Cannon's place, where they service Famous ABC beer!

We could call ahead, at 34900, but I don't have a phone. Let's just walk over there. I understand it's run by a man named Rudy Steffen. I wonder if he'll clean and press on the tick? No, I suppose he's going to want money right away, seems to be the modern trend. I'm changing into my cowboy clothes, and I'll carry my suit. What? That's the only suit of clothes you own? Here, you can wear my serape, that should fit you. And you can wear my huaraches, too.

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