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Going to the Opera House Pharmacy in 1894, Phoenix, Arizona

It's 1894, we're in Phoenix, Arizona, and I think we should go to the Opera House Pharmacy. You know, Keefer's Drugs. I just saw an ad in the paper that says that we can drink, smoke, chew, and swear there!

Yes, I know where it is, it's on Center Street between Washington and Jefferson, on the west side of the street. You know, by the Opera House. I've never been to the opera house, but I've gone past it many times.

What? A chemist? I have no idea what you're talking about... oh, you're from England? That's what they call drug stores there? Strange. OK. By the way, how's that queen of yours doing? I guess she's going to live forever? Victoria, right? She's been around so long that in the future people will probably just consider this whole era to be "Victorian", right? Well, they aren't going to name it after us!

Let's see, I could use a drink, so I'll get a soda. I wonder if they have that new drink called "Coca-Cola"? I don't smoke, but you can get a cigar. I can chew some Tutti-Frutti ice cream. Of course they have ice cream! The ice comes from Sam Lount's place, he makes a lot of it! I swear, Keefer's Drugs has got to be the best place in town! Let's go!

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