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Stopping by almond trees and beehives in old-time Phoenix

It's 1909 in the Salt River Valley, and the almond trees are in bloom. Let's stop a while. The trees are near the beehives, but don't worry, we'll be fine. Here, I'll help you out of the cart. The horses don't mind waiting for us, they can graze a bit while we walk.

The blooms are so beautiful! It's almost a magical effect. I understand they've had them in California since the 1840s, and they do great there. Yes, the bees are important. Let's go take a look at the beehives, but not too close!

The bees pollinate the almond trees. And they pollinate a lot of things in the Salt River Valley. What an amazing transformation it's been. Phoenix is no longer a desert, it's an oasis. Just add water, almond trees, and bees!

From the 1909 booklet "The Salt River Valley, Arizona"

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