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The strange feeling of fog in Phoenix, Arizona

As you know, fog isn't common in Phoenix. In fact, the skies are usually so clear and sharp it's amazing. And that's part of the reason I love living in the desert. It never snows, it rarely rains, and fog is very rare. But it's foggy right now, as I write this.

If you're familiar with the most famous mountain in Phoenix, Camelback Mountain, take a look at the pic at the top of this post. Take a good hard look. The photo was taken this morning from about 40th Street and Indian School Road looking directly at Camelback Mountain. No, this isn't a trick, this isn't Photoshop, it's just fog.

I've lived around mountains all of my adult life, in Arizona, and in California. Here in the Phoenix area, I often refer to them as "faces of old friends", and when I can't see them, it's strange. Phoenix is in a valley, so it's surrounded by mountains, and for someone like me, it gives me comfort. I seem to get all discombulated when they're invisible.

When you go history adventuring with me, I guide us by the mountains. To get to Tempe from Glendale, for example, I take us in the direction of the Estrellas, then along South Mountain. To be sure that I'm going the right way, I glance over my shoulder towards Camelback Mountain, which will be on our left. Yes, we suppose I could use a compass, or GPS, but where's the fun in that?

Without the mountains I'm lost. Well, of course I can find the freeways, and the streets, but I'm disoriented without my old friends. That's part of the reason that I dislike traveling in the dark, and I certainly have no intention of going out when it's foggy.

It's a strange feeling when the mountains of Phoenix become invisible, but luckily the sun comes out, and I can see my old friends again!

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