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A snowflake melts in northern Arizona

A snowflake melts in northern Arizona, and as it becomes water, it begins to roll downhill and travels south.

It joins with other drops of water, coming from 13,000 square miles of watershed, and pauses at the Roosevelt Dam. It then travels on, heading towards Glendale, Arizona, where I live. It dances on my face as I shave, and then it continues on.

It pauses at the confluence of three rivers: the Agua Fria, the Salt, and the Gila (Tres Rios), and travels on towards Yuma, in the Gila River.

At the mouth of the Gulf of California, it enters the ocean and joins up with other drops. Soon it will begin its journey again, by rising into the sky, and quite possibly falling again as snow in northern Arizona, and maybe one day it will visit my face again.

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