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Eating crackers out of a barrel in old-time Phoenix

Phoenix is getting to be so modern! It's 1913, and in addition to some paved roads, there are several grocery stores. Let's go try some crackers and cakes made by the National Biscuit Company! They're over at Elwell's.

You know the place, at 2nd Street and Washington. Yes, I suppose we could call them at 714, but I don't have one of those new-fangled telephones. We could take the trolley, but a little bit of exercise will do us good. Besides I'm low on coin these days! You understand. The Elwell Grocery Company is having a free demonstration of crackers and cakes, and I think that means free food!

Here we are. What? The crackers? They're right over there, in the barrel. What? Plastic wrapping? What are you talking about? This is 1913, the crackers are in the cracker barrel. Dig in! No, there's no plastic scoops, just use your hands.

Yes, I washed my hands. Last Tuesday, I think. Besides, I don't believe in all of that nonsense about "germs". My grandpappy says it's all a bunch of nonsense - if you can't see it, it can't hurt you. He was in the war, and wouldn't let anyone near him with Dr. Lister's ridiculous invention. Not for him, no sir-ee and not for me, either!

Hay-boy-howdy! Lookie there! I believe they're serving ice cold Fruit ola! Let's go get some!

The National Biscuit Company is now called Nabisco. Image at the top of this post from the Library of Congress. 

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