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Getting a suit made in 1903 Phoenix, Arizona

It's 1903, we're in Phoenix, Arizona, and I need to get a suit made. Let's go to Nicholson, Artistic Tailor and Cutter. They're at 37 W. Washington, which is on Washington just west of Central on the south side of the street. They've been there for four years, a well-established place!

No, I'm not contemplating matrimony, are you? If I did I'd get one of those swell Prince Albert coats!

But I think that everybody should have a Dress Suit, even me. And Phoenix is the social center of the territory, you know!

I guess I need to order my suit for spring and summer, although I can't imagine wearing a suit in Phoenix at that time of year. I see that they can make suits out of wool - I guess if Phoenix suddenly gets cold in the summer? I wonder how I'd look in Tweeds? And I wonder what a Chevoit is?

Looks like they can make a suit in a day if necessary. They have fourteen tailors there, the best in the west! I think I'll order the suit of armor, although I really don't want the feathers on top!

Thank you for shopping with me in old-time Phoenix!

1903 ad from the Library of Congress.

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