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Glendale Community College in Arizona - making dreams come true since 1965

When I started teaching, I did it merely as a job. I needed work after I left my corporate job as a graphic designer, and teaching graphics software was a smooth transition for me. I simply had to show people the things that I knew the best - like Adobe Photoshop. I showed people what a "serif" was, how to measure in pixels, that sort of thing. And that part of the job came easily to me, and made sense. That people were pursuing dreams is something that took me a while to realize.

It really wasn't until I started teaching at Glendale Community College that I really started seeing what most people were doing. They weren't just learning software, or taking classes, they were on a journey to make their lives better. They were pursuing dreams. This amazed me, and still does.

I really don't know how successful my students became - I'm connected with some of them on LinkedIn, but I really don't know, and to me it doesn't matter. What matters to me is what they did when they stepped on campus.

Yeah, I know it's corny, and cliché, but it's true that the longest journey begins with a single step. And when you see it, it's amazing. I still recommend that people go to GCC. I say "just go there". Park in the parking lot (the north one is always less crowded), and walk around the campus. Go have a burger at the Student Union building (they really do serve a good burger there!). Go into the library, and look around. If you're interested in computer graphics, go to the High Tech building.

When you register for a class, you'll feel the magic begin. It isn't for everybody, but it might be for you, if you have dreams. Glendale Community College, and any Community College, really does make them come true.

See you on campus!

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