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The slogans of Valley National Bank throughout the years, Phoenix, Arizona

If you lived in Arizona anytime between the 1800s (yes, the 1800s), and 1992, you remember Valley National Bank. And while I remember their slogan "Solutions. Not Problems" from when I started in the 1980s, I got to wondering about their slogans throughout the years. This is what I have:

1892 ad for Valley Bank

The oldest ad that I have for Valley Bank is from 1892, and it doesn't look like they had a slogan back then. I guess slogans weren't really popular back then.

1911 ad for Valley Bank

The first slogan that I see is "The Bank of Service", which you can see in this 1911 ad. Not the catchiest slogan in the world, but at least it was a slogan!

1940s Valley Bank

In the 1940s it was "Progressing with Arizona". This stayed their slogan until the 1950s, when it changed to "Arizona's Bank".

1950s Valley Bank

1960s Valley Bank money bag

The next slogan, from the 1960s, was "Everywhere in Arizona", and in the 1970s it was "Solutions. Not Problems" which you see at the top of this post, and which became their last slogan.

Image at the top of this post: One of the last ads for Valley Bank before it became Bank One, 1992.

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