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For Sale - Miscellaneous ads in 1909, Phoenix, Arizona

It's 1909, and we're in Phoenix, and we're looking at the newspaper. Let's take a look at the For Sale - Miscellaneous section.

Let's see, do I want to buy some cabbage and cauliflower plants? Seems like it would be a good price, 10 cents per dozen, 50 cents per one hundred, or $4 per thousand. I don't suppose I have room to plant all of those, and besides, this John McDonald lives too far away to make it worth the effort. He's four and a half miles north of the Insane Asylum, that's the foothills of the Phoenix Mountains along the Arizona Canal [24th Street and Lincoln], so I'll pass on that. But you know, I really like cabbages and cauliflower. Maybe I'll send him a letter asking if he ever sells his plants here in town. He gets Rural Free Delivery, so he should get a letter in the morning, or maybe the next day. Not sure how long it takes to get a letter out to the country?

How about a bathtub? 18 dollars seems like a lot of money, but I suppose that I could save a buck if I bought the shorter, chipped one. I've never had a bathtub - I wonder if I could just put it out back? I suppose I really don't need a bathtub, with Swilling's Ditch so close by.

OK, let's see, I really don't need another mule. I'd like to get a buggy, and I don't have any money, and if I trade my horse for it, well, what's the point? Maybe I should buy a Victor phonograph with records? I don't have forty dollars, anyway. I could get that saddle pony. How about that runabout? Looks like C.D. Crabb is just west of Grand on Pierce, so maybe I'll just go over there and also take a look at the mare being sold by C.F. Scott, at 7th Avenue and Grand. I wonder if I can buy it on tick?

Ad from the Library of Congress.

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