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Getting drunk in old-time Phoenix

Let's time-travel back to old-time Phoenix and get drunk. Well, I suppose we could call it "getting tight", or "tipping a few", but I have a feeling that we're going to drink just a little bit too much tonight. Hop in the buckboard, let's go have some whiskey! I'll pay for the bottle, just lend me a nickel, will you?

Better make that a dime, I want to get the good stuff tonight. Why are we drinking? Well, I've had a great week, and want to celebrate! You? I'm sorry to hear that. You can drown your sorrows.

Here we are at the local saloon. What? ID? Have to be 21? Come on, this is 1911, none of that matters. Let me see, yeah, you've got a little stubble on your face, that should be enough. Is that a mustache, or did you have soup for lunch? Oh, you may want to get the cat to lick that off...

Barkeep! A bottle of Sunny Brook Whiskey and two pony glasses, please. Here you go, keep the change. Ice? No. A mixer? No, we're taking it neat.

Ahhh... smoooooth (cough, cough, cough). Another? Wow, this stuff really has a kick! Give me a chaw of your 'baccy! I wonder if I can hit the spittoon from here? Well, I got close. Why yes, I'll have another!

OK, it's time to go home now, and I'd say that both of us are worse for wear. We're both going to have heads tomorrow, that's for sure! Where's the buckboard? I'm having a little trouble focusing my eyes, and walking.

What? Drunk driving? Of course not. We just sit in the buckboard, and Nellie will take us home. She knows the way, just click your tongue. There we go, we're on our way home.

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