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Wearing a monocle in old-time Phoenix

A friend of mine was telling me yesterday that he would need to get glasses, but only to correct one eye. In a joking way, he said that he would get a monocle, and it got me to thinking if I could find a picture of someone in old-time Phoenix wearing a monocle.

The image at the top of this post is from the Phoenix newspaper, in 1912, and whether the model was local or not I don't know. But obviously the article was promoting the idea of wearing a monocle, and for women. This surprised me.

And here's the blurb that goes with it: "Her Monocle. Fashionable women, a certain element of them at any rate, are using the monocle. It marks an effective ornament attached to a jeweled chain and can be used at any moment to stare down an adversary. The illustration shows one of these monocles worn with a pretty afternoon gown of lace and net and a little taffeta coat."

So there you go - wearing a monocle in old-time Phoenix!

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