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Installing modern plumbing in 1911 Phoenix, Arizona

It's 1911, we're in Phoenix, Arizona, and it's time to have some modern plumbing installed by the George Hageman Company.

It's going to be expensive and it seems extravagent, but my understanding is that it's the healthy thing to do, and besides what's money for? I've seen this type of plumbing in hotels in California, and I have to admit it's nice. The wife suggested that we do this, but it didn't take much convincing for me to agree. It would be nice not to smell that sewer gas anymore!

Yep, nothing but the best! "Standard" porcelain enameled fixtures, which not only look great, but are easy to clean.

Let's see, looks like this is what George Hageman recommends: a bathtub with a nice decorative stripe, a commode with a flush, just like the kind I saw on vacation, a sink with faucets (no more going out to the well and filling a jug for water for a basin in the bedroom!), and I'm not sure what that other thing is? For cleaning our goat? For washing our feet? Anyway, I like the fancy scrolling feet, and I'll probably get a rug like that, too. The stained glass window is a nice touch, and the wife will really appreciate the mirror, which will have our new electric lights. Nice to have modern plumbing! Safer, too!

Let's take a walk over to the corner of 2nd Street and Adams, and go talk to George Hageman.

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