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Golfing in the 1960s in Phoenix, Arizona

I wasn't playing any golf in the 1960s in Phoenix for two reasons: I wasn't in Phoenix, and I was just a little kid then. So this will be a journey of imagination.

And since this is just imaginary, I thought we should start at the Arizona Country Club, which is south of Camelback Mountain. It's a private course, and it's been upscale since the course was called Inglewood in Territorial times. Fore!

And since money is no object, and we're being lavish, let's go to the Biltmore. I appreciate your optimism of tending the pin while I go for such a long putt!

I think I need some practice! Let's go to the Cudia Park driving range, near 40th Street and Camelback Road.

Of course we'll play at Encanto! Less expensive than the other courses, and considerably easier - flat as a pool table.

I believe this pic is a course in Scottsdale, but I'm not really sure. Dig that '60s style!

This is a still from a promotional film made by John F. Long in 1961 promoting his new community of Maryvale. That's Buster Keaton, ready to tee off before the course was completed. Grand Canyon University owns the course now, and upgraded it recently, giving it more of a links feel. Before that, it was like Encanto - flat.

We could play at Papago Golf Course, just turn right at 52nd Street at McDowell.

And let's finish up our 1960s golf holiday in Carefree, at the Sky Ranch Desert Golf Course. Do you have a license to fly?

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