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Sahuaro Ranch, Glendale, Arizona

The Sahuaro Ranch (yes, it's misspelled that way) is an historic farm from the 1890s whose grounds and buildings have been preserved by the City of Glendale. There are also picnic areas, playgrounds, that sort of thing. It's just north of Glendale Community College, between Peoria and Mountain View and 59th and 63rd Avenue. It's part of the reason that I love living in Glendale so much, but chances are very good that if you live anywhere in the Phoenix area you can find places like this.

The peacocks have been at the Sahuaro Ranch since the 1930s

I've always searched out places like this. I rode my bike to the Minnehaha Falls when I was a kid in Minneapolis, I visited Los Encinos when I lived in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. I've always thought that it was my "artistic" nature, but maybe I just need quiet places to go. I sometimes wonder if it's just me?

Date palms, and Canary Island palms

I see my neighbors using the ranch for many things. Sometimes there are weddings there. There are some awesome baseball fields on the property, there is an area with covered tables for parties, there are old buildings to explore. Many of trees there are over 100 years old, including some date palms, and pecan trees.

The foreman's house, next to the corn field

Nowadays I always take my dog, Macintosh, with me to the ranch. When I'm just standing there, enjoying the scenery, and imagining what Glendale looked like 100 years ago, she pulls on the leash and keeps me moving. I visit there as often as I can, even in cyberspace, and it's never enough.

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