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How self-driving cars will change everything

I used to love driving. Back when I lived in California, I would take my sports cars out onto twisty roads and it was pure joy. But lately I have come realize that that type of driving isn't the type of driving that most people do.

The type of driving that most people do is commuting and errands. And while I have fond memories of driving, I really haven't done much commuting, or errands. And so when the subject of self-driving cars comes up, I realize that I am at a disadvantage to see how most people view driving.

I'm ready for a self-driving car. I have no interest in holding onto a steering wheel for six hours to get to Los Angeles. I have no interest in driving a crowded street in Phoenix so I can go from one building to another. I have no interest in commuting, or errands. No, I don't want to hire a driver, anymore than I want to hire someone to post this to my blog. I want a computer. I was an early adaptor to personal computers in the 1980s, and I remember the people who said that they would rather just use a pencil and a piece of paper. I suppose if I had been around 100+ years ago, when cars were invented, people would have shouted at me, "get a horse!".

My career grew up with computers. I rely on them. I understand them the same way that I understand dogs, and we like each other. We know what we're good at, and we like doing what we're good at. I'm good at being creative, dogs are good at sniffing around, computers are good at repetitious tasks.

I've met people who are good at repetitious tasks. They can sit behind the wheel of a car for hours, staring at the dullest stuff that I can imagine. And I'm jealous of those people, the same way I'm envious of people who can remember birthdays, and appointments. But luckily, I don't have to do that, I have a computer.

I love the idea of being able to go anywhere just by telling my car "take to Malibu!". My phone already has maps and GPS, and I see no reason why a human being needs to be involved with that at all. There are so many other things that I would like to do rather than repetitious tasks - which I'm not good at, and computers are.

Once I get my self-driving car, I'll probably sign up at the Bondurant School and drive on a track. That's what driving has always meant to me, anyway. And that I like to do!

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