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Sun Devil Stadium at Arizona State University, past, present, and future

Because I collect old photos of Phoenix, and watch the History Channel, most people assume that I am pining away for the "good old days". You know, when life was simple, and air conditioning hadn't been invented yet. But no, that's not me, I'm a time traveler. It just seems to be easier to go back in time than forward. But I often look at things and give it a try, anyway.

The image above is a plan for the new Sun Devil stadium in Tempe, although I’ve heard lately that it won’t have that cool-looking top. Well, maybe it will! It's only a model. The current one, built in 1958, has sentimental value, but really, isn't it time to update? And this is when the time-traveling really kicks in. To do this, you have to time-travel back to the 1950s and imagine that a new stadium would be built to replace the old one. And it was going to be build in the "saddle" next to A Mountain (Tempe Butte). It must have blown people's minds. I like to imagine the reaction of the old-timers, maybe putting together a petition to stop the new stadium. I like the spirit of the girls in the black and white photo there, who are ready to watch the big game at the new stadium!

Part of what makes living in the Phoenix area so fascinating is that it's continuously growing and changing. I can only imagine myself watching the Sun Devil stadium being built in the 1950s, but I'm sure I'll see the new one being built.

Go Devils!

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