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How the Boston Store became Diamond's, Phoenix, Arizona

When the Diamond brothers started their store in Phoenix in 1897, they called it "The Boston Store". Other local stores, such as Goldwater's, choose to use the family name, but Nathan and Isaac decided against doing that, for fifty years.

In 1947, the Boston Store celebrated their fiftieth year in Phoenix by renaming their store to "Diamond's". It remained that way until it was sold to Dillards, in 1984.

1906 ad for the Boston Store, Nathan and Isaac Diamond.

Image at the top of this post: Diamond's ad from 1970, Phoenix, Arizona.

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  1. I remember some time in the 90's it became Diamond's AGAIN...only to sell out to Dillard's again. I want to say sometime between 95-99. This was in Phoenix, AZ.