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The face of a Phoenix, Arizona pioneer - George Loring

When we think of the old west, we think of the faces of Clint Eastwood, or John Wayne. So when I first saw this photo of George Loring, one of the pioneers of Phoenix, I have to admit that I was a little surprised. Not exactly a rugged pioneer face!

If you've never heard of George Loring that's not a surprise, either. He was a businessman, a good citizen, a family man, and that's about it. The fact that he came to Phoenix in the early 1870s is what makes him remarkable to me.

He started a business called Loring's Bazar (yes, he spelled it that way) on Washington between Central and 1st Streets (at least that's what the streets would be called later). His place of business, which was made of adobe, was on Cactus Alley. For you serious Phoenix history buffs, that's where the Ellingson building was later built, which was where Donofrios Cactus Candy was.

Arizona history is filled with so much nonsense, shoot-em-up stuff, that people like George Loring have been all but forgotten. He is no relation to me, except in spirit, as I remember being young and scared and new in town myself.

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