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How to see the peacocks of Glendale, Arizona

I've lived in Glendale, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, for over twenty years now. But it still amazes me that there are peacocks living right nearby.

The peacocks live at the Sahuaro Ranch (yes, it's misspelled that way), which is between the Glendale Main Library and Glendale Community College (between Peoria and Olive and 59th Avenue and 63rd Avenue).

Peacock at the Sahuaro Ranch in the 1940s, Glendale, Arizona

No, they aren't in cages, or in some type of display, they just wander around the grounds. They roost in the trees there, or on the buildings. Sometimes they wander over to the library, but I've never seen them on campus. And from what I've been able to find out about them, they've been there since the 1930s.

The Sahuaro Ranch itself has been there since the 1890s, and is now a park which includes historical buildings, picnic areas, playgrounds, and stuff like that. And there are peacocks wandering around.

Peacocks are amazing to see, especially when you see one of them display their tail feathers. Not surprisingly, the peacocks tend to stay in the less-crowded areas of the park.

If you want to see them, this is what I recommend: park at the library and walk into the ranch through the the entrance behind the library. Many of them roost in the trees right there, so you see them right away.

Their calls, by the way, are very weird-sounding.

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