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From Los Angeles to Calabasas, California in 1912

Let's go for a drive in 1912. We're going from Los Angeles to Calabasas. I like to sight-see, so maybe you should drive.

We'll take Beaudry Avenue to Sunset Boulevard, which becomes Hollywood Avenue. Hey, I think they're making movies here now. Yeah, I see some cameras over there, and some crazy antics. Wow! Those stunt drivers are good! Keep your eyes on the road, please.

OK, looking at the map, we're gonna need to go through a mountain pass called Caheunga. There it is! Look at that mountain to our right. That would be a good place to build an observatory some day, don't you think? I don't suppose land would ever get so valuable that they would build houses up there, but maybe someday they will. I wonder if they'll call it Hollywoodland? Maybe put up a big sign on the mountain? Probably not at least until the 1920s!

OK, we're through the Cahuenga Pass, going due west (this map is crooked!) and it looks like this is the road to Calabasas. But let's take a detour up Van Nuys Boulevard - I understand that they're doing a lot of construction up there, planning for water to come in from the Owens Valley next year. There's even a town called Owensmouth, which I guess means that that's where the mouth of the Owens River will be? But I suppose they'll just call the town Canoga Park. Hey, let's go see what's there in Chatsworth! Interesting scenery here, looks like just the place to make a Western movie!

OK, back on Calabasas Road and into Calabasas. We made it! Hmmm... not much here, do you want to take Topanga Canyon and then take the Malibu Beach Road to Santa Monica? Or Ocean Park? Or Venice! Let's go!

Map from the University of Southern California (USC) Digital Collection.

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