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Mecham Pontiac, and the Macho T/A of the 1980s

I remember the name Mecham. But to me, it was a Pontiac dealership. And it was the Macho T/A, which was a Pontiac Trans-Am that had been modified by the Mecham dealership. I saw them around Phoenix before I left for Los Angeles in 1982, and sometimes I would see them in California, too. They had a badge on the back that said MP, for Mecham Pontiac, and graphics along the side that said Macho T/A. And since I missed Arizona, whenever I saw one, it reminded me of home.

Ev Mecham in the 1980s

And then I moved back to Phoenix, in 1989, and suddenly Mecham wasn't about a car dealership anymore, or the Macho T/A. If you lived through the Ev Mecham era, you know the story. It was a mess. And no, I'm not going to talk about it here, you can Google it and find a LOT of stuff. In fact, just about everyone that you mention the name Mecham to will probably have a lot to say about that political mess. But I never hear anyone talking about the Macho T/A.

To me, it was the Macho T/A. They were way cool, and very fast. If you remember the Macho T/A, you know what I mean, and if you owned one, I'm jealous.

1979 article about the DKM Macho T/A Turbo

Macho T/As in the Mecham lot in 1978, Glendale, Arizona.

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