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Swimming at Mountain Shadows Resort in the 1960s, Scottsdale, Arizona

Time-travel with me and let's go swimming at Mountain Shadows Resort in Scottsdale. No, I didn't live in Arizona in the 1960s, but a lot of people did, and a lot of people visited Mountain Shadows on their vacation. It was quite a place, although it's gone now.

OK, it's the '60s, and to me, anything north of Camelback Mountain is Paradise Valley, but I guess this is Scottsdale. At least that's what the address says. And since the south side of Camelback Mountain faces the sun, then the northern side must be in the shade. Although it all looks pretty sunny here to me! What a great location, I can't imagine that they would ever tear this place down.

Pool at Mountain Shadows Resort in the 1960s, Scottsdale, Arizona.

This is a great pool! I think I'm gonna go try out the high dive. Wow, I can see forever from up here!

The pool at Mountain Shadows Resort in the1960s, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Mountain Shadows Resort in the 1960s, Scottsdale, Arizona. From a postcard.

Image at the top of this post: Still image from the 1960 movie Squad Car.

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  1. Never could I have imagined swimming there. Thanks Brad

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