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The Phoenix Motor Company to Quebedeax Chevrolet to Ray Korte Rambler-Jeep 1939-1967

There's a faceless building in downtown Phoenix that I've always been curious about. It's on the southwest corner of Van Buren and 4th Avenue, and is completely covered over with stucco. I went past it a couple of weeks ago and I saw that some of the stucco had been peeled away to reveal the original bricks from 1939. I've been trying to figure out this faceless building for many years now, and I'll tell you what I know so far.

The Phoenix Motor Company in 1939, 4th Avenue and Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona

Quebedeax Chevrolet in the 1950a, 4th Avenue and Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona.

It was built in 1939 for the Phoenix Motor Company. Their original location was at 4th Avenue and Washington, so this must have been quite an investment for them. They stayed there until 1954, when it became Quebedeau Chevrolet. By the way, I'm learning how to pronounce that, in case anyone asks me to - it's KAY - BEE - DOE. They were there until 1959. By the way, Quebedeax moved up to 750 Grand Avenue (as of this writing, that building is also still there). In 1959, Ray Korte Rambler-Jeep moved into the 4th Avenue and Van Buren building (the image at the top of this post is from their ad in "Arizona Days and Ways" in 1962). Ray Korte didn't stay there long, as he moved to 23rd Avenue and Camelback Road in 1967, and the building became a storage facility for government vehicles.

This is what I know so far. From what I can tell, the building has been in use until very recently, when the restoration started. I want to see what's under that stucco! I'll let you know what I find out!

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