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What they're doing on the empty lot on Central across from Steele Indian School park - Agave Farms

As long as I can remember, Phoenix has had a LOT of empty lots. All over the place, and often in places that have made me wonder "why hasn't anything ever been built there?" Of course no one knows. (Update - Some people do know! See comment below! Thanks, JR!) So when I see some activity in a lot that's been empty for a long time, it gets my attention!

If you're like me, you've been driving past the empty lot on the west side of Central north of Glenrosa, which is the light just north of Indian School Road, for a LONG time. The Central Avenue entrance to Steel Indian School Park is right across from it. You know, the big empty lot with about a million little yellow posts in front of it. Yeah, that's the one.

Today, after doing some History Adventuring downtown, I stopped at Lux on Central Avenue for a decaf. I parked on Turney, and in an idle moment I wandered over to see what I could see because there was now a permanent fence where there had once been that empty lot, and flowers. Lots of flowers! I walked all of the way along Central to Glenrosa, trying to figure it out, and even now I'm not really sure what's going on there - but I'll tell you what I know.

It's called Agave Farms. And the business manager, who gave me his card (and I can't seem to find it just now) told me that they had been there for about a year. Today is December 10th, 2016, so obviously I haven't been paying attention. I bought two petunia plants and he showed me around, a little (I have a bad ankle so I can't wander too far!).

It's a big place, and from what I could see they have a lot of plants, including roses, trees, and veggies (there were a bunch of pumpkins out front). He told me that they offered classes on plants, and cooking, and in addition to helping the community, they were indeed a commercial business, and the land is privately owned. They're really just starting out, and my suggestion that he put up some signs was met with a sad smile about whether the city would let them do it or not. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought that a bunch of glitzy signs would just spoil the sincere feel of the place.

And it really does have a nice feeling. I like visiting places that sell plants, and nowadays mostly they're big corporations, and I'd kinda like to support something more, well, sincere.

If you visit, and are wondering what the shape on the ground is (in the photo), it's an agave in a heart. Right now they're still planting, so maybe by the time you get there it will be more filled in. It seems just right.

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