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Phoenix? Or Los Angeles in the 1980s?

If you remember the 1980s, you may remember watching Linda Alvarez on the news, or you may remember Pete Ellis Dodge, or Cal Worthington, and his dog Spot. And you may have been in Phoenix, or you may have been in Los Angeles. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I'm confused. I know it was a long time ago, but to be fair, there was a lot of overlapping between what I saw in Phoenix and what I saw in Los Angeles.

I got my degree at Arizona State University, then immediately moved to California. It's been a long time now since the '80s and my memories are kinda hazy, and the fact that there was so much overlapping doesn't really help me to remember very clearly. Luckily, the internet has all of this information on it, so I really don't have to rely on my hazy memory. And maybe you can help me out here.

TV news anchor Linda Alvarez

Apparently Linda Alvarez moved to Los Angeles in 1985. Before that, she was a news anchor in Phoenix. I kinda remember thinking thinking that it was great for her career, and she was great, an Hispanic woman who was a TV news anchor. And what I remember most about Linda is that she pronounced the Spanish names correctly.

But probably the most surreal thing is remembering the jingle to Pete Ellis Dodge. If you remember it, sing it along with me:

Pete Ellis Dodge, Long Beach Freeway, Firestone Exit, Southgate!

or if you were in Phoenix at the time (same melody)

Pete Ellis Dodge, Freeway 17, Camelback Exit, Phoenix!

I've also been watching YouTube videos of Cal Worthington, and his dog Spot. His "dog" was some strange animal, such as a tiger, or an elephant. I remember him distinctly from Phoenix, but his commercials were shot at his place in Long Beach.

Thank you for helping me remember the '80s, whether you were in Phoenix, or Los Angeles!

Image at the top of this post: Cal Worthington in the 1980s, Long Beach, California.

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