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Riding a bicycle in old-time Phoenix

Let's ride a bicycle in old-time Phoenix. It's a very popular new invention, come on and give it a try!

Of course, you have to watch where you're going! There are still plenty of horses on the streets of Phoenix, and even a few automobiles, although they're rare. Still, Phoenix is a great place to ride a bicycle because there aren't a lot of hills. And it never snows in Phoenix, and it rarely rains.

It's 1904 and we're riding on Washington Avenue. Listen to the hum of those wires! There are telephone wires, and electric wires, and even wires specifically to run the Street Cars. By the way, don't ride your bike right in front of them, it irritates the trolley driver.

In fact, it's a good idea to stay away from the Street Car rails, you don't want to get a tire stuck in there!

OK, here we are at the store. Don't worry, we don't have to carry anything on our bikes, all we have to do is to choose what we want, and it'll be delivered. No, we don't need money, either, we just add it to our tab. The new "Cash and Carry" places won't do that, but that's OK, I don't really go to those places much. I suppose they'll catch on, someday.

Let's go on in, we can leave the bikes here on the sidewalk. Locks? No, why? I've never heard of such a thing! The next thing you know you'll be thinking that automobiles will need a lock for them to start, and you'd have to carry around a key, or something.

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