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At the City Limits in the 1940s, Phoenix, Arizona

Let's time-travel back to the 1940s and go waaaaay out to the City Limits of Phoenix, Arizona. We're going to 28th Street and Van Buren.

In the old days, Van Buren was called the Tempe Road, because it's the route between Phoenix and Tempe. It's also U.S. 60, 70, 80, and 89. Heck, grandpa still calls it the Apache Trail! It's the main road through the valley, where all the motels are. Let's go, I'll bring along a camera to prove that we went there.

Map of the Phoenix City Limits in 1949, 28th Street and Van Buren.

OK, here we are at 28th Street. The sign that says, "Now Leaving Phoenix, Adios Amigos" marks the City Limits. Go stand next to it. Yes, your friend, too. OK, you can lean on it, that's fine. Yes, I know the sun is in your eyes, because you're looking west and it took us all day to get there. Try not to squint.

It's amazing that Phoenix has grown out this far, but they say that Phoenix will grow even more now that the war is over. A lot of people are moving here!

I've got the shot. It's a great picture. And someday we'll look back on this as "the good old days".

Note: in the background is the Frontier Lodge, which was at 2823 E. Van Buren. This area has now been so changed that it's unrecognizable, and the city limits are much farther east now, too.

The Frontier Lodge in the 1940s, 2823 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona.

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