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Visiting an Astrologer in Phoenix in 1901

It's 1901 and I'm off to visit Diana Dee, the world renowned Astrologer. Yes, I read it in an ad in the paper, so it has to be true. Come along with me, and maybe she'll tell you your future, too!

According to the article, "Madame Dee is the daughter of the celebrated Astrologer, Dr. Henry Dee. She can tell you just what to do. If you are in trouble, seek her. If in ill health, she will diagnose your case and cure you with her wonderful magnetic healing powers. Will give you lucky days, months and years; tell you when is your successful time for any ventures. (Locating mines a specialty). Madame Dee makes no charge unless readings are satisfactory."

Well, that sounds perfect to me. I see that consultation is free, and if she can tell me where that Lost Dutchman Mine is, I'm sure that it would be worth fifty cents, even a dollar. She's at 22 S. 3rd Avenue, which is just south of Washington on 3rd, so we can walk over there. Watch your step, the streets a little muddy right there.

What are you going to ask her about? Maybe get a written horoscope of your whole life? Yes, I'd say it's worth two dollars. What? No, I'm not going to lend you any money. How about that money that you've been saving to pay the rent at the boarding house? They can wait a little longer! And once I get all of that gold from the Lost Dutchman Mine, I might even give you a little bit.

Thank you for visiting an Astrologer with me! The future looks bright!

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