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Why there are so many beautiful women in Los Angeles, California

If you've heard that there are a lot of beautiful women in Los Angeles, it's true. I lived there for quite a while, and I visit quite often, and the gorgeous women are everywhere. And I mean beautiful, well-dressed, fit and trim, make-up perfect, beautiful hair, drop-dead gorgeous girls. You can't go anywhere without seeing them. Grocery stores, drugs stores, you name it, they're everywhere. And these lovely ladies have been there for generations

The reason for this is that Los Angeles is where movies are made. It's also where the modeling agencies on the West Coast are. And the very first thing that you have to know if you're an aspiring actor or model is that you have to be there. That is, when someone is needed for a movie, or to be in an ad, they have to be on set right away. Yes, there are actors and models who can live far away from Los Angeles, but those are only the very top. The rest need to be handy.

And yes, you can be discovered in Los Angeles. The people who do the casting, and the hiring, live there. You may just have the kind of face they need for the big project that's coming up. Of course there are a lot of slimy fake people, who pretend to be in the "the biz", but let's face it, the real people are there, too. And real movies get made all of the time.

If you follow me here, the net effect of all of this is a city full of beautiful women, who make sure that they look their best whenever they go out in public. Because you never know, someone may see you and offer you a contract. It's happened for generations, and it happens all of the time. There are people in Los Angeles who have been mistaken for actors and models enough that they say, "what the heck, I guess I'll do it".

I've known actors and models, and they live in a world that never interested me. When I lived in Los Angeles I had a steady 9 to 5 job, but acting and modeling doesn't work that way. Those jobs are paid per gig, and no matter how much money you get, you have to immediately start worrying about the next job, which may not happen for months. Or years. Or ever. As you can imagine, these people tend to be nervous, and twitchy. And they're always promoting. And it isn't ego that makes that post endless "selfies" - it's the business that they're in. Someone on Instagram might see them!

I've lived in Phoenix for decades now, and yet whenever I see a pretty girl at a coffee shop, or wherever, I wonder "what is she doing here? She should be in Hollywood!". And then I think of the pretty girls of Los Angeles, who lived in a world of constant worry about their looks, of constant competition with other women for acting and modeling jobs, not to mention competition for the best men for love, romance, marriage, and family. And then I think that she's in the right place, which is anywhere but Hollywood.

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