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Driving a racing car from Los Angeles to Phoenix in 1910

It's 1910, we're in Los Angeles, we're in a racing car, and we're going to Phoenix. Let's go!

Don't look for a freeway, or a highway. Where we're going there aren't even any paved roads, we're making a run through the desert!

Four wheels? Check! Noisy engine? Check! Steering wheel? Check! Windshield? No. A place to plug in your iPhone? No. We'll be carrying plenty of water, and of course spare tires, a lot of tools, and a lot of pure guts! This isn't going to be easy!

1910 road racing route from Los Angeles to Phoenix

OK, here we go, heading to Pomona, San Bernardino, Beaumont, Banning, Whitewater and Palm Springs. We're in the desert now, here's a rag to wipe your goggles, that should help a little. The next stretch is going to be very difficult, there's some deep sand at Dos Palmas, but if we go fast enough we'll get through! Now some zigging and zagging to Chuckawalla, and then it's straight shot to the Colorado River.

1910 racing car between Los Angeles and Phoenix.

There's the river straight ahead! I can see the Ehrenberg ferry from here, I know that they're waiting for us, we'll be across in no time. We're going through Quartzite now, making good time. What? No, I don't see a camel in the distance, what are you talking about?

We're going through Vicksburg, we're really moving now. Salome! That's where she danced, right? Oh, never mind, on to Winters Wells, and then we're practically at the Territorial Fairgrounds, which is on Grand Avenue and Christy Road.

That was fun! Now let's walk around the Fair for a while. I wonder if I can get some tacos here in Phoenix that are as good as in Los Angeles?

You can still take a similar route, if you want to, but nowadays you have to look for Wintersburg, not Winters Wells. Christy Road is now McDowell.

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