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Visiting the Phoenix town Marshal in 1885, Henry Garfias

Let's go visit the town Marshal. Sure, I know him, and you know me, so let's go. He lives over on Papago, a few blocks west of Center Street, on Jefferson. It's the house there with the widow's walk on top of it. Yes, I'm sure he'll let us go up there!

I've known him since he came to town, in '74. He's a good guy, and the best shot I've ever seen. Amazing. He's getting on in years now, nearly 35, so don't say anything to him about that, he may be touchy on the subject.

Hello, Mrs. Garfias! Is your husband around? What a cute baby! Oh never mind, I can hear him in the backyard, practicing his shooting. Do you mind if we go and say hi?

Howdy, Marshal! I'd like you to meet my friend, he's heard a lot about you. Yes, he speaks a little Spanish, but I don't, so if you don't mind, let's keep it in English. Yes, we met Luisa, she's out front with the baby.

And here she is! Thank you, Mrs. Garfias! No, this is fine. Nice place you got here. Can I see the baby? Kitschy-kitschy! What? Sure I'd be glad to hold her. What's her name? Maria? That's a nice name. She's going to see a lot of changes to Phoenix, maybe even paved roads someday!

Me? No, I just work down at the stables. I've seen your husband in action, he's amazing. With lawmen like him, Phoenix has a real chance of becoming a big city some day. Yes, I like it here, I'm going to stay, maybe become a lawman myself one day. Can you teach me how to shoot, Marshal?

Image at the top of this post: the Garfias house in 1885, Jefferson and Papago (now 3rd Avenue), Phoenix, Arizona. From C.J. Dyer's Birdeye View of Phoenix, Library of Congress.

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