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Waking up on the streets of old-time Phoenix

Well dang me, I've gone and done it again! It's daybreak and I'm waking up on the streets of Phoenix in 1896. I'm gettin' too old for this!

Howdy, Sheriff. Yep, I live right here in town. What? No, I'm fine. Yes, I'll move along. By the way, you wouldn't happen to have a chaw of 'baccy? I got rolled last night and my pockets are empty. Yeah, I know that I shouldn't spend the night on Melinda's Alley. It won't happen again, officer. Thanks! Nice sunrise!

I must have been celebrating last night, or was I trying to drown my sorrows? Funny, I don't remember. I really don't have to pay it no never mind, anyways. Bit nippy this morning, but it'll warm up! I wonder what month this is? I suppose it's right around October?

Something smells bad. I guess it's me. I suppose I should wander up to the town ditch and throw myself in to get cleaned up. I used to swim in that ditch a lot when I was a kid, right north of town, north of Van Buren. Named after that Swilling fellow, I reckon.

There. That feels better. The water is mighty cold, but it's refreshin'. I could do with a cake of soap, but I suppose I'll just have to slosh the water around. I know you're not supposed to drink this water, but I'm powerful thirsty, and I don't see a well anywhere around.

Well, I suppose it's time for me to mosey along and get on with my day. Maybe I'll go see if there's some work for me over at the Livery Stable. Now, where's my clothes? Oh dang, they floated away, must be half way to Yuma by now. I suppose I could stay here all day, or I could walk home, taking the back streets. I wouldn't want to run into that Sheriff again!

Image at the top of the post: Looking northeast towards Camelback Mountain over Melinda's Alley in 1896, Phoenix, Arizona. The intersection at left is Monroe and 1st Street.

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