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The amazing Novembers of Phoenix, Arizona

Even though it's been over forty years since I saw my first Phoenix November, I still can't really believe it. And I challenge anyone to find skies so blue, air so clear, and well, just everything so darned nice anywhere else on Planet Earth.

I moved to Phoenix when I was 19, arriving in August, which was horrible beyond description. Nothing back east had prepared me for that type of heat. And it would have been nice if I had air conditioning in my car, which it didn't have, and if the air conditioning worked in my crummy little apartment (it just rattled and made noise). But then November arrived...!

To this day I absolutely want to fall to my knees just walking outside. I've lived in some beautiful climates in my day, including Santa Barbara, but Phoenix in November just puts them to shame. And I really thought that one day I'd get over it, but it looks like it isn't going to happen. Here in Phoenix I want to walk up to people and say, "Can you believe this?!" Of course I don't, I just have a smile so wide it makes my face hurt.

No, the Chamber of Commerce doesn't pay me to say this. Besides, they'd probably want you to go stay at a hotel, or eat at a restaurant. I just want you to step outside.

I love it here. I want to live here until my old bones stop working, and I donate them to the Medical School downtown. And I know that I'll never get over my amazement of Novembers in Phoenix.

Image at the top of this post: Looking north towards downtown Phoenix from 28th Avenue and Southern, 2018.

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