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Visiting Phoenix, Arizona in 1948

Today I'm going to visit Phoenix in 1948. No, I wasn't there, but I have some images in my collection from that year so I thought that it would be fun to go there. Come on!

Let's start at Central Avenue and Washington, and go to the Walgreens. We'll be doing some walking, so I want to get something to put on my corns, and I'm sure they'll have something! I'll buy you a Coke, how's that! No, it's 1948, your debit card won't work there.

And look at that! I wish I had that convertible there in the intersection! I just walk everywhere. It's such a nice day, I wonder why they don't have the top down? Look at that sky! No, I wouldn't worry about rain, those clouds there behind the tower on the Heard Building just look nice, not threatening. And it's such a beautiful and clear day, I can see all of the way to the Westward Ho!

Miss Sunnyslope 1948, Gloria Brady

Since it's 1948, I thought it would be fun to visit Miss Sunnyslope. Yes, I know her, it's Gloria Brady. Pretty girl, about our age! After this, who knows what her career will be like! Maybe someday she'll become famous! Or maybe not.

The Pix Theater in 1948, 331 E. Dunlap, Phoenix, Arizona.

And since we're in Sunnyslope, let's head on over to the Pix Theater, and watch a movie. Who is Ida Lupino? I have no idea. Can you lend me a nickel? Or maybe we can just sneak in?

Arizona Governor Sidney Osborn in 1948, Phoenix, Arizona.

I know, let's go visit the Governor! Sure, I know Sidney Osborn! His grandfather owned that big farm on Osborn Road where all of the jackrabbits were when we were kids. I'm sure he'll take time out from his busy day to say hi to us - we're history adventurers, you know!

The Bethel Methodist Church in 1948, 7th Street and Osborn, Phoenix, Arizona.

And since we're over by the old Osborn place, I want to make one last stop, at the Bethel Methodist Church. I think that I hear a choir singing, and I like the sound.

Thank you for adventuring with me!

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