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Going to the Swigert Brothers Optical Company in old-time Phoenix

It's 1911 and I think that I need some new glasses. I just noticed an ad for the Swigert Brothers Optical Company, so I think I'll go visit them. I'd appreciate if you'd come along with me. I don't see very well, and I might get lost.

Looks like they're on Adams, across from the new Adams Hotel. Yeah, they've already replaced the old one that burned down last year. These Swigert Brothers look pretty respectable, and I see that they both wear glasses. They've been in business here in Phoenix for eight years, so they've been around since 1903.

The ad says that I'd be cheating myself if I didn't allow them to care for my optical needs. I sure don't want to cheat myself! They say that they fit but one quality of glasses - the best. Sounds like they'd be expensive, but I guess that's how you don't cheat yourself! I would ask my neighbors and friends about them, but no one that I know wears glasses. Maybe I could go ask the old schoolmarm? Or maybe a bank teller?

I like that style in the ad, I think it's called a "Pince-nez" - it just pinches your nose. I wonder how comfortable that is? Let's see, they're open from 9 to 12, and 1 to 5, and other times by appointment. I'd like to go there now. Point me in the right direction, will you?

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