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Being a beautiful woman during World War II in old-time Phoenix

It's 1942, and we're women in Phoenix, Arizona. Not only are we helping in war plants, and war work, but we are also helping by looking our prettiest. We realize that an attractive woman is an inspiration to all, especially during war times.

So let's go over to Juanita's Beauty Shop in the Fox Theater Building, at 1st Street and Washington. According to their ad, Juanita's operators are expert and efficient, and her rates are reasonable. I wonder what I should get? A Permanent Complete, for three dollars, a Plain Shampoo and Wave Complete for a dollar, or a Eucalyptus Oil Shampoo and Wave for a buck and a quarter?

The Fox Theater Building in the 1940s, 1st Street and Washington, Phoenix, Arizona.

May I use your phone? "Hello operator, please connect me with 3-7138. Yes, I'd like to speak to Juanita."

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