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Buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 1913, Phoenix, Arizona

It's 1913, I'm a young man in a wealthy family in Phoenix, and I want a motorcycle. I've been following the news in the paper about the desert races and I've decided that I want a Harley-Davidson.

I've been reading in the paper about which motors are the best for desert racing, which is what I plan on doing. My dad tells me that I could get an Indian, an Excelsior, a Thor, or a Harley-Davidson. I want a Harley-Davidson!

My dad disagrees, but he says he'll still buy me anything I want He likes names like Thor, or Excelsior, even Indian. He thinks "Harley" doesn't have the right sound. What does he know? He's going to be paying for it, but he isn't going to riding it. If anyone thinks the name of my motorcycle is funny, I'll just punch them in the nose!

I'm trying to imagine how powerful the motor will be. We have several very strong horses here, and I've even been in a wagon pulled by four of them. But eight horses will be very powerful! Hard to imagine - the motor will the strength of eight horses! Eight of them! Wow!

Let's see the, address is Central Avenue north of Washington. I know where that is! My dad and I are planning on riding the buckboard over there tomorrow, I can't wait!

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