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Business Opportunities in old-time Phoenix, Arizona

It's 1915, and I'm looking at the paper for business opportunities. They're on the want ads page, under "Business Chances". I'm not so sure that I like that word, chances, but I guess it's really true. In the 21st Century advertising wouldn't be quite so honest, and maybe use the word "opportunities". But like an uncle of mine always said, "You pays your money, and you takes your chances!"

Let's see, looks like I could invest in a Confectionary. I guess that means a candy store. I don't know anything about candy, except how to eat it, so I'll pass on that one.

OK, now, it looks like $1,500 cash will get you 20 acres on the street car line. Who in the world has $1,500 cash? Even in the 21st Century that would be a lot of money to just have sitting around. Still, 20 acres for that would be a good price. In the future you'd probably be able to double your money, if they built houses there.

There's a boarding house for rent way over in Tempe, at 8th Street and Mill. I wouldn't know the first thing about running a boarding house, and besides Tempe is too far away for me, anyway, so I'll pass.

I suppose I could run a barber shop way at the end of the Indian car line. That would be near the Indian School, and in my opinion that would be way too far away from Phoenix to get much business. Maybe someday people will live that far away. I understand that they're already building houses on Thomas Road, though! Who would want to live so far out in the country?

That restaurant in the mining camp looks like a good opportunity. I'll ask the wife, but I can't imagine that she'd like it.

OK, nothing here. What would I want with seven rooms? Another boarding house, and a corral. Not for me...

Now this is more like it! I've always wanted to be in the moving pictures business. Looks like it's a big money maker, and all I have to do is to handle the money end of the business! That's for me!

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