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Phoenix, Arizona in 1969

Let's visit Phoenix, Arizona in 1969. This imaginary journey is inspired by a movie that I just saw called "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", which was set in 1969 Los Angeles. And it's got me thinking about that particular year, but in Phoenix.

Let's start with getting a suntan. No one in 1969 associated suntanning with skin cancer (well, maybe some doctors did back then), and so getting a nice tan was the first priority of people visiting Phoenix. I have no idea how kids felt about getting a suntan, but I know that growing up in Minneapolis, where it actually gets four seasons, including summer, we learned that you should make sure that you have a base tan, and then that would protect you from sunburn for the summer.

On the subject of beauty, I have to admit again that I haven't a clue as to what was considered attractive in 1969. This ad that I found, from 1969, asks if you want a new face? I'm presuming that the new face people wanted to have would look like this one, from Plaza 3, which was at 4343 N. 16th Street.

OK, that's enough of trying to do some social commentary on what people were thinking. Let's just take a look through the pics that I have that are labelled 1969.

Here are some students at Alhambra High School in 1969. I really can't tell if these young people are showing the height of fashion or if they're absolutely clueless?

Here's a billboard advertising the Arizona Bank in 1969, next to the Regency House at Central and Hoover. Nice Jag!

How about some ASU football in 1969? Master Charge is now MasterCard, but that's all I know. Interesting how they squeezed ASU into the shape of a football.

Here's the Gas and Go in 1969, which was at 711 N. Scottsdale Road in Tempe. I'd guess that gas was twenty cents a gallon. Note that there wouldn't be room on that sign for gas to be over 99 cents.

Some football players at Glendale Community College in 1969. 1965 was the first year for GCC, and they stopped the football program in 2018.

Driving past the Goodyear sign in 1969, on the I-17 Freeway. The sign is still there, at least the shape, but it doesn't say Goodyear anymore. It's at about Thomas Road.

Kenneth Bozarth at the Kamera Korner at Uptown Plaza in 1969, Central Avenue and Camelback Road. Kool Kars, right?

Tri-City Mall in 1969, Main and Dobson, Mesa. I've got more pics in my collection, which just goes on and on, but I think it's time to end this sentimental journey for now. Thank you for visiting Phoenix in 1969 with me!

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