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Being a little girl in old-time Phoenix

Since we can time-travel to any time in Phoenix, and be anyone, I thought that it would be interesting to be a little girl in old-time Phoenix. I found a few pics in my collection, so let's go.

I thought maybe we could start by being these cute little girls in the 1960s at the Japanese Flower Gardens at 40th Street and Baseline. I'm not sure what kind of flowers we're holding, but I'm sure they smell sweet - like us!

OK, now we're in Gold's Alley in 1914, which is over by where the baseball stadium is in downtown Phoenix. I really have no idea how old we are - ten, twelve? Five, six? Good dog!

Now we're Native American girls standing in front of what was called the Indian Sanatorium in the 1940s. The building is still there, at 16th Street and Indian School Road, and still serves the Native Americans people of Arizona.

And I thought it would be fun to be some of the Luhrs girls, George H.N. Luhr's kids. It's 1897, and we're at the Commercial Hotel, later called the Luhrs Hotel, which was on the northeast corner of Central and Jefferson until the 1970s.

That was fun! OK, you can stop giggling now!

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